Where did they go?

I was out walking the poopers and discovered that a neighbour from across the road had moved. I sometimes would chat to her if she was out the front. We’d talk about the petunias along the front path or chat about the dogs. I should have realised something was going on. I had walked past and noticed one time that instead of soil along the front path there was wood chip. I hadn’t seen this before as normally there is soil or planted petunias. I always looked forward to the petunias going in, they were so bright and cheerful. The wood chip just made me feel sad. I don’t know what her name was although I gave her a bag of lemons once. I feel that she and those petunias did a lot for our street. There was her big chair on the front verandah and on the other side was her husband’s chair. I don’t ever remember seeing him sitting in his chair. There was also a buddha statue on one side and a gargoyle statue on the other. The gargoyle did give me the creeps. Now when we walk past all there is is a for lease sign for unit 1, wood chip and a mark on the concrete where the buddha sat and a mark where the gargoyle sat.

Had I have realised I would have said goodbye. Then I wondered where they went. Maybe to a retirement village. Maybe they moved closer to family. Oh well, maybe one of my other neighbours knows. It’s true – you don’t know what you’ve lost until its gone. gargoyleI wish her well. I will miss her. I miss the petunias. I even miss the gargoyle.


PS I spoke to other neighbours and they said that family came and packed the couple up in their cars along with all their belongings and they were gone. Where to we don’t know.


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