Networking and old times


Sea cave NSW from the inside looking out – taken on a field trip with the geology club.

I went to a geology discussion group last night with my geology friends and met up with my old boss who I hadn’t seen for a long time. He asked what I was doing and I said casual teaching so if you have any work to throw my way. I had a very good government compliance job in Mineral Resources, but I was bored stupid and not terribly well either when I left. He said when you left I wandered around in a daze for two hours wondering what I had done. I reassured him that it was not him – he was a good boss and had endeavoured to make the job more interesting although with a backlog and short staffing that was very difficult. I said I left for personal reasons with my dad dying and my senior and very good friend diagnosed with a brain tumour on his retirement. I thought there’s more to life and did some travelling and volunteer work plus study – all the things I had wanted to do for a long time. Currently the work at the department has cut back along with staff due to the recession and slump in the resources industry.

I look at last night as a positive as normally my old boss doesn’t go to the talks but it was something that he was interested in – the Marianas trench south of Japan and work being done on a drilling ship to determine the age of the plates and geological history of the area. I’m interested in palaeomagnetism being used as a dating tool – when the earth’s magnetic field flips between the north and south magnetic fields. This occurs randomly but is recorded in rocks at mid-ocean ridges (spreading ridges where basalts come up through the ocean floor from magma below).

There were many people there from my geology groups and also people that I used to work with plus a few new faces. They are always happy to see me and it’s good to hang around the old traps – you never know when things will change, sooner rather than later hopefully.



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