Pig power

This is Chocko on his soap box. He is running for federal politics. His logo is Pig Power and his platform is more carrots, more celery, more dandelions, a bit less spinach and no baths. He knows it’s a grubby business but he likes to get his paws dirty and there will be no GP (guinea pig) tax.

Addit: Sadly Chocko is no more. We had a very bad storm that frightened him to death. Both the pigs were in the laundry but he was in the open cage and Cocoa was in the hutch. Cocoa was fine but it was too much for with all the noise and the lightening. I was in Sydney at the time and was very upset. My son put him in the fridge until I could bury him so he spent a few days wrapped up in the crisper with his favourite vegetables. He is buried out the front near the gardenias.


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