Top cat

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This is Slinky who is top cat in the menagerie, in his favourite pose – asleep.

When he’s not sleeping or eating – he talks.  He talks a lot and he tells me all sorts of things. He is a very good ratter and mouser. He likes to supplement his diet even though he’s over 8 kg. Half the neighbourhood feeds him as well. He had a ‘please don’t feed me’ tag on his collar but he got it off.

He is also a special kitty. When he was still a kitten he woke me up in the middle of the night as the fish tank pump had caught alight. We didn’t have a pet door at that stage so his quick thinking was to wake me up – Mum I want to get out of here! He is a very happy cat and has a very loud purr. He is well groomed and has a very shiny black coat. When the dogs were pups they watched Slinky wash himself so now everyone washes themselves. Slinky is like a heater when he’s on the bed in the winter but he also snores!



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