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Merry Christmas from Dexter the leaping lemur that masquerades as a fox terrier.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

Welcome to my menagerie. In 1953, British naturalist Gerald Durrell wrote the book The Overloaded Ark. This is what my bedroom has become I feel. I currently have four dogs on my bed, a cat on the floor and two guinea pigs in their cages.

Presently everybody is resting but the minute there is a noise outside or someone turns up at the front door – all hell breaks loose. Two of the dogs I am minding for a few days. My daughter has totally indulged her fox terrier Dexter and he is at me all the time. Presently he is on me trying to help me type. I’m not sure about his editing style though.

Dexter has legs like a spring board and bounds around at the door or me like he’s on a pogo stick. He is the only one (apart from the cat) that can reach the cat bowl – so that goes over regularly. Then it’s a free for all. I’m sure the others put him up to it also as they’ve got dwarf legs and don’t have a hope of reaching the bowl (why I put it there). He insists on being petted over the other dogs and petted continuously – he is the youngest and he believes this is his right. He is a lovely natured dog despite being so demanding and annoying.

So two of the hounds are off back home today and the cat is looking forward to some more bed space and not having his bowl and contents spilled all over the floor. My two are looking forward to having first dibs again on the guinea pig poo that Chocko kicks out of his cage.

I’m looking forward to a rest and some peace and quiet.


Top cat

Back Camera Back Camera

This is Slinky who is top cat in the menagerie, in his favourite pose – asleep.

When he’s not sleeping or eating – he talks.  He talks a lot and he tells me all sorts of things. He is a very good ratter and mouser. He likes to supplement his diet even though he’s over 8 kg. Half the neighbourhood feeds him as well. He had a ‘please don’t feed me’ tag on his collar but he got it off.

He is also a special kitty. When he was still a kitten he woke me up in the middle of the night as the fish tank pump had caught alight. We didn’t have a pet door at that stage so his quick thinking was to wake me up – Mum I want to get out of here! He is a very happy cat and has a very loud purr. He is well groomed and has a very shiny black coat. When the dogs were pups they watched Slinky wash himself so now everyone washes themselves. Slinky is like a heater when he’s on the bed in the winter but he also snores!


Pig Power 3

Chock 1

                            Chocko – pig about town. This is Chocko’s GPP campaign poster shot.

Here he is sorting clothes for the poor. Chocko has a big heart for a guinea pig.


                                                                             Spot and Buddy

These are Chocko’s GPP campaign supporters, Spot and Buddy. They know that Chocko has the leadership qualities that we expect from an MP.  Chocko is intelligent, honest, just and he eats his veges.


Pig Power 2

Cocoa 2 Cocoa 3

This is Cocoa, Chocko’s campaign manager and political adviser (and sister). She is really the brains behind the party (Guinea Pig Party), she co-ordinates the party’s activities and writes policy even though she is on lower celery (she prefers carrots). It would not be surprising if eventually Cocoa gives Chocko a run for his money if she ever decides to seek office as an independent.

Chocko and Cocoa will be hitting the campaign trail with party helpers to rally support for the GPP. A number of squeaking events have been organised around the district and Chocko is looking forward to meeting the voting public.

Pig power

This is Chocko on his soap box. He is running for federal politics. His logo is Pig Power and his platform is more carrots, more celery, more dandelions, a bit less spinach and no baths. He knows it’s a grubby business but he likes to get his paws dirty and there will be no GP (guinea pig) tax.

Addit: Sadly Chocko is no more. We had a very bad storm that frightened him to death. Both the pigs were in the laundry but he was in the open cage and Cocoa was in the hutch. Cocoa was fine but it was too much for with all the noise and the lightening. I was in Sydney at the time and was very upset. My son put him in the fridge until I could bury him so he spent a few days wrapped up in the crisper with his favourite vegetables. He is buried out the front near the gardenias.